Interior & Exterior Paint

Five Point Approach

We apply a five-point approach to every painting project that we accept. While each point is a reason in itself to choose us as your residential or commercial painting contractor, taken together we believe these five points set us apart in the painting industry. The five points include: price, preparation, products, process, and promise.


We provide free, competitive, fixed-price estimates. Our up-front, honest, transparent pricing will help you budget without any surprises. During our preliminary inspection, we will point out any surface defects and underlying problems that may need to be addressed before the paint goes on, to ensure the kind of long-lasting result you expect. Our estimates are always inclusive of all work that will need to be done and include a fixed price that will never fluctuate.


Careful surface preparation is key for a successful paint job! At the start of every project, our painters carefully clean and repair all wall surfaces that need to be updated, before starting to paint. We caulk and patch surfaces, repair cracks and interior drywall, remove rust, and power wash all surfaces if needed.


We use only top-quality paint that will give your home or building a beautiful, long-lasting finish that you can be proud of. Top-quality paints cost more, but we back our work 100% with our 2-year warranty, and inexpensive paint isn’t worth the investment for us. You wouldn’t be satisfied with cheap paint, and neither are we.


We respect you, your time, and your property. Our painting professionals are courteous, well-mannered, and careful to wear protective booties in clean areas to protect your property. We store our paint and materials in a trailer during the job, not on your property, and when we leave, we clean up after ourselves and remove all trash.


We provide you with high-quality painting services on time, within your budget, and then stand behind every job 100%, every day…year in and year out.