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In need of a remodeling contractor in NY? Talk to the pros at ANJ Builder’s Home Improvements. From redesign to completion, you have a reliable team of experts to walk with you every step of the way.

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Mission Statement

We pride ourselves to give you a finished product that you can be proud of. We provide seamless residential construction in NY.

Remodeling Contract In New York

Established in 2012, ANJ Builder’s Home Improvements has decades of experience as a remodeling contractor in NY. As a locally owned and operated business, we provide solutions that cater to clients’ needs.

Our rates are affordable and we offer discounts to police and first responders. Everything we do is built on the same foundation: quality workmanship, superior customer service, integrity, and trust. Our timeless values set us apart and bring us closer to our clients — helping us deliver successful projects that exceed expectations. Let our remodelers make your home beautiful again.

We provide kitchen, bathroom, basement and whole-house remodeling services that update the old to new, beautiful and functional spaces. Whether you want a kitchen island or need a rain shower installed in your bathroom, we have stylish remodel ideas to revamp your old space.

Our remodeling contractors can spruce up your home with quality home renovations, new hardwood flooring, proper tile work, or a different coat of interior paint. Whatever you envision, you can depend on our skilled team to deliver. Other house renovation and improvement services we offer include plastering, sheetrock installation and laminate flooring services.

The ANJ Builders NYC Advantage

You want to ensure that your new concrete pouring is handled by the very best contractors in the New York City area, and turning to ANJ Builders will get you just that. With years of industry experience, we have the know-how to handle any job and provide you with the exceptional results that you require. All of our contractors handle themselves professionally and will provide you with swift, accurate service that sets us apart from the competition.

Versatile Design – Concrete patios, decks, and driveways can be customized in several directions, and this versatile nature means that no two need to be alike. Concrete can be formed in just about any shape and designed to accommodate the needs and restrictions of your backyard. Numerous looks are available as well with staining and coloring options.

Low Maintenance – Concrete decks and patios don’t require the constant refinishing, staining, and cleaning that other surfaces require. You won’t have to worry about shifting paving stones or decaying wood; instead, you can get long-lasting, great-looking results.

Durable – A concrete surface is exceptionally durable, and all of ours are constructed with the right PSI to withstand even the coldest New York City winter.

Value – When compared to other outdoor finishing options, concrete decks and patios present a much more affordable alternative.